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Intealth is a private, nonprofit organization that brings together the expertise and resources of its divisions, ECFMG and FAIMER, creating powerful synergies for maximum impact. Working in integrated fashion, we provide world-class expertise and diverse portfolios of programs that serve global communities of health professionals, health professions educators, regulators, and policy makers.


ECFMG evaluates the qualifications of physicians worldwide. ECFMG’s programs evaluate and support international physicians who enter U.S. graduate medical education. ECFMG’s primary-source credentials verification supports the world’s medical education and regulatory communities in assuring the qualifications of physicians.

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FAIMER supports the health professions worldwide. FAIMER’s fellowship programs provide training in skills critical to promoting excellence in health professions education. FAIMER’s research and data resources on health care education support health professions educators, researchers, and policy makers.

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[Last update: June 26, 2023]

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