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FAIMER Fellowship Helps Mauritius Educator Turn Weaknesses into Strengths

Dr. Bibi Sumera Keenoo

Dr. Bibi Sumera Keenoo describes herself as an outside-the-box thinker. As an introvert and the most junior faculty member (during the COVID-19 pandemic) of the University of Mauritius Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, she found it challenging to express her novel ideas and gain the support of senior faculty. Her fellowship with Ain Shams …(read more)

Serving the Community as a U.S. Trainee in Emergency Medicine

By Dr. E Chin Mak

I’m sitting in my residency library on a gloomy spring afternoon during my trauma surgery rotation. I stare out the window at the shedding cherry blossom trees, and I reflect on how the last ten months flew by. As I’m waiting for a trauma alert to be paged out, another chest tube, another bedside thoracotomy, …(read more)

Becoming the First Neurointensivist in My Country

By Dr. Toufic Chaaban

It was 2:00 AM at Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport, moments before a long trip to the United States. I was drinking coffee and trying desperately to distract myself. At the time, I was 30 years old, recently engaged, and a fresh graduate in pulmonary and critical care. I was on my way to begin a …(read more)

FAIMER Fellow Becomes Medical Education Leader in India

Dr. Anshu always wanted to be a teacher, but her parents had another career in mind for her. “I come from a family of teachers who know that teachers don’t necessarily live comfortable lives, so they encouraged me to join medicine,” Dr. Anshu said. “Once I finished my MD, it was natural for me to …(read more)

Impactful FAIMER Fellowship Opens Doors for Cameroonian Educator

Dr. Aminkeng Leke frequently heard the same issue from final-year nursing students at Biaka University Institute of Buea in Cameroon when they returned to school following their required community internships: the need for diabetes screening in rural communities in Cameroon. Name: Aminkeng Leke, PhD Title: Research Associate Institution: Ulster University, United Kingdom FAIMER Fellow: International …(read more)

FAIMER Experience Was an Epiphany for Award-Winning Educator

Whether you call them epiphanies or “aha moments,” Dr. Gang Xin experienced several of them, both as a FAIMER Fellow and later as a faculty member for the International FAIMER Institute and Regional Institutes in China. Dr. Xin is a professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology and Associate Director of the Center for …(read more)

Dr. José Frantz Shares Her Passion for Developing Herself and Others

Dr. José Frantz has a gift for mentoring people and helping them meet their full potential. Evidence of that gift is reflected in the number of master’s and doctorate students she has advised over the years and the national honors she has received. Name: José Frantz, Ph.D. Title: Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation Institution: University …(read more)

Doctors with Borders

By Dr. Uttara Koul

The past eight months have been a summation of the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. When you’re a doctor, several more emotions pile on: anxiety, of getting sick and infecting your loved ones. Looming stress, of long shifts and insufficient PPE. Confusion, about how to treat this life-threatening virus, and …(read more)

Critical Care Training in NYC, as COVID-19 Doctor and Patient

By Dr. Omesh Toolsie

Clinical training in America’s most populous city is known for being vigorous. If you’ve done any residency or fellowship training in New York City, you know that there is little downtime—chances are you’re busy year-round! The patient population here is perhaps the most diverse in the world and that fact is reflected in the rich …(read more)

Is Self-Care on Your To-Do List?

By Dr. Shreya Doshi

“You are a bright, grown-up girl now, almost 15-years old. You must take ownership of yourself and your body and look after your physical, mental, and emotional health. Eating healthy food, making healthier choices, exercising even if just for 30 minutes, and reaching out to the therapist again will go a long, long way.” This …(read more)

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