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Statement on Invalidation of USMLE® Examination Scores

Intealth™ was recently informed by the United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE) program that the USMLE examination scores for a number of test takers have been invalidated based on a pattern of anomalous exam performance associated with Nepal. USMLE has contacted impacted individuals directly about the status of their USMLE exam performance. For more information …(read more)

Restoring Existing On-line Services

As we have worked diligently toward the launch of MyIntealth over the past two weeks, we fully recognize that many customers are facing time-sensitive issues. We apologize for any disruption caused by our extended pause in services. To ensure that our customers have access to critical services, we are restoring our existing systems, and our …(read more)

A Message about MyIntealth from Our Chief Transformation Officer

On behalf of Intealth, I am writing to say we are sorry. We are hearing your voices and the frustration many of you are feeling throughout this extended pause in our services. We are working around the clock to launch MyIntealth, and today, I want to give you an update on where things stand. Following …(read more)

Update: Intealth’s Recognized Accreditation Policy To Be Implemented in Late 2024

Intealth™ will implement its Recognized Accreditation Policy in late 2024. This policy was introduced in 2010 by ECFMG®, now a division of Intealth, and later known as “2023 Accreditation.” While the policy has evolved over time, Intealth’s commitment to fostering global accreditation efforts and to promoting harmonized standards for evaluating undergraduate medical education worldwide remains …(read more)

Intealth and ACGME Partner on Physician Well-being Seminar

Intealth and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), two leaders in the education and training of physicians, held a seminar November 19 in Chicago to promote physician well-being. The seminar, funded in part by the U.S. Department of State, focused on the unique needs of foreign national physicians training in the United States …(read more)

Eric Holmboe Named CEO of Intealth

After a national search, Eric S. Holmboe, MD, a seasoned leader in advancing outcomes-based education and effecting policy change across the medical education continuum, has been named CEO of Intealth™. He joins Intealth on January 2, 2024. Dr. Holmboe comes to Intealth from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), where he is Chief, …(read more)

MyIntealth Launching January 16, 2024

Learn More About This Revolution in User Experience

We are excited to announce the January 16, 2024 launch of MyIntealth , a new online environment for accessing our services. The result of a multi-year development effort, MyIntealth represents a dramatic upgrade in user experience for medical students, physicians, medical educators, regulators, and others around the world who rely on our services. The launch …(read more)

IMGs Are Critical to Addressing U.S. Physician Shortages and to Forthcoming HELP Committee Health Workforce Legislation

Intealth responded to recently introduced legislation that would help U.S. patients in rural and other underserved communities by addressing nationwide health care workforce shortages, particularly in primary care. International medical graduates (IMGs) — both U.S. citizens and foreign nationals — currently make up approximately one quarter of the U.S. physician workforce and play an important …(read more)

FAIMER® Competency-based Education Pilot Program Going International

FAIMER, a division of Intealth™, offers programs in professional development to international health professions educators with the goal of advancing quality in health care education worldwide. FAIMER’s Competency-based Education (FACE) program, which was launched in India as a pilot program in 2021, is expanding to include health professions educators from the FAIMER Regional Institutes (FRIs) …(read more)

Diversity Is Essential to U.S. Health Care

William W. Pinsky, MD, FAAP, FACC
CEO, Intealth

The value of diversity in our health workforce is well documented. In many cases, patients are more likely to engage with the health care system and to comply with treatment plans when their providers are from similar backgrounds. For some, multilingual providers can be a deciding factor in their ability to access care. In short, …(read more)

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