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Assuring the Qualifications of Health Care Professionals

International medical graduates (IMGs) comprise 25% of physicians in training and practice in the United States. ECFMG’s program of certification serves the public and the U.S. graduate medical education (GME) community by certifying that IMGs are ready to enter U.S. training programs, where they provide patient care. We offer a variety of other programs that support IMGs as they pursue their educational and professional paths in U.S. medicine.

Featured Program

ECFMG Certification

ECFMG, through its program of certification, serves the U.S. public and graduate medical education community by ensuring an ample, diverse, and highly qualified pool of IMG applicants for training positions available in the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®) Main Residency Match®. Match 2023 InfographicIn 2023, nearly 8,400 IMGs matched to first-year U.S. training programs where these physicians serve as essential members of our health care teams.

Supporting Health Professions Education

Quality health care starts with quality health professions education. Intealth provides professional development opportunities for faculty who have demonstrated the potential to play a key role in advancing health professions education at their institutions, within their countries, or around the globe. Many participants in these programs go on to play leading roles at their institutions and within their countries.

In Africa, when we talk about health professions education, and you say that you are a FAIMER Fellow, it really gives you that credibility and acknowledgment that you are an expert in your field.

José Frantz, PhD
University of the Western Cape, South Africa
2008 FAIMER Fellow

Verifying the Credentials of Health Care Professionals

Physicians and other health care professionals undergo years of education, training, examinations, certifications, and licensing. These accomplishments result in a portfolio of earned credentials that represent their qualifications. Intealth is a world expert in the credentials issued to physicians, with more than 35 years of experience of verifying the authenticity of physician credentials and more than 1 million credentials verified. Our world-class credential verification services serve the world’s medical regulatory agencies, hospitals, academic institutions, and others to ensure that physicians are qualified.

The Australian Medical Council relies on ECFMG to provide accurate, reliable primary-source verification of international medical graduates’ medical education and registration credentials to ensure that they meet the standards of education, training, and assessment to promote and protect the health of the Australian community.

Zuzette Kruger-Finch
Senior Executive Officer
Australian Medical Council

Informing Health Workforce Policies Around the World

Rapid growth in the number of medical schools worldwide and increased global migration of physicians have created a greater need for information resources on international medical education and the processes by which medical schools are accredited. Intealth maintains extensive databases on international medical schools and accrediting agencies, and our research informs policy makers in government and academia. Our medical school accreditation initiative is stimulating accreditation efforts worldwide and promoting global standards for the evaluation of undergraduate medical education.

[Last update: May 10, 2023]

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