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Enhancements to Corporate Structure at Intealth

We are pleased to announce that Intealth has reached a new milestone in its transformation efforts, which are aimed at enhancing the services it provides to the health professions around the world. Announced in 2021 as a new, overarching identity for ECFMG and FAIMER, Intealth now is a private, nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation. ECFMG and FAIMER, …(read more)

Intealth Supports Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act

Intealth has joined a coalition of more than 80 health care and medical education organizations across the country in support of the Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act of 2023 (H.R. 2389/S. 1302).   This bipartisan legislation is crucial to expanding the physician workforce and to ensuring that patients across the country are able to access quality …(read more)

Study Examines FAIMER Institutes’ Impact on International Health Professions Education

FAIMER’s global faculty development programs have resulted in a vibrant international network of health professions educators and have positively impacted participants’ careers, their higher education institutions, and even the health professions education (HPE) policies of entire countries, according to a recent study conducted by FAIMER and published in the journal Academic Medicine. FAIMER® , a member …(read more)

Intealth Selects Seasoned Government Relations Professional to Advance Advocacy Efforts for International Medical Graduates

Intealth™ has named Matthew Shick, JD, as Assistant Vice President and Chief Government Relations Officer. Shick, a seasoned government relations veteran, will focus on enhancing Intealth’s advocacy efforts on behalf of international medical graduates (IMGs) and the vital role they play in health care quality and accessibility across the United States. Shick will join Intealth …(read more)

New Eastern Africa FAIMER Regional Institute Will Serve Health Professions Educators Throughout the Region

Makerere University Will Host, Mbarara University Will Be Regional Partner

The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER®), a member of Intealth™, today announced the launch of the Eastern Africa FAIMER Regional Institute (EAFRI) in partnership with Makerere University College of Health Sciences in Kampala, Uganda, and Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Mbarara, Uganda. Fellowships with the new Institute will …(read more)

Match Shows Strong Gains for International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

More than 8,000 IMGs Will Join U.S. Health Care Teams

The success of IMGs in pursuing graduate medical education (GME) in the United States remains strong with significant increases in the number of physicians obtaining first-year training positions, according to the results of the 2023 Main Residency Match® (The Match®) announced Friday by the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®). A total of 8,388 IMGs obtained …(read more)

A Duty to Remember: Bearing Witness in the War for Ukraine

William W. Pinsky, MD, FAAP, FACC
CEO, Intealth

This week marks one year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an act that has ushered in a new era of needless loss of life and profound suffering. The impacts of this aggression extend far beyond the borders of Ukraine. The entire region is forever changed, bearing the indelible marks of refugee crises, societal damage, …(read more)

Intealth™ Selects Ronald R. Blanck, DO, MACP, as Interim FAIMER® President

Leadership for a Pivotal Time of Strategic Growth and Development

Intealth, the trusted global authority on health care education, has selected Lieutenant General Ronald R. Blanck, DO, MACP (U.S. Army, retired), as Interim President of FAIMER, a member of Intealth. Dr. Blanck assumed leadership of FAIMER in late 2022, at a pivotal time of strategic growth and development. As Interim President of FAIMER, Dr. Blanck …(read more)

Intealth™ CEO William W. Pinsky, MD, Announces Retirement Date

Strategic Transformation Marks Tenure

Intealth announced today that Chief Executive Officer William W. Pinsky, MD, will retire at the end of 2023. At that time, Dr. Pinsky also will retire as the President of ECFMG®, a member of Intealth, and the Board Chair of FAIMER®, a member of Intealth. Dr. Pinsky’s retirement will follow more than seven years of …(read more)

Initial Implementation of Medical School Accreditation Initiative Begins in 2024

Intealth™ Will Report Recognized Accreditation Status of Medical Schools

Intealth today announced plans for the initial implementation of its global medical school accreditation initiative, the Recognized Accreditation Policy. Beginning in 2024, Intealth will report when a medical school has satisfied the requirements of the Policy, achieving “recognized accreditation” status. Medical school accreditation is vitally important to ensuring the quality of medical education and, ultimately, …(read more)

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