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Doctors with Borders

By Dr. Uttara Koul

The past eight months have been a summation of the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. When you’re a doctor, several more emotions pile on: anxiety, of getting sick and infecting your loved ones. Looming stress, of long shifts and insufficient PPE. Confusion, about how to treat this life-threatening virus, and so on. Despite the emotional turmoil raging inside, we shoulder this monumental responsibility like soldiers going to war…(read more )

Dr. Uttara Koul
Name: Dr. Uttara Koul
Home Country: India
Training Site: Rush University Medical Center, Illinois
Specialty: Neurocritical Care
Journeys in Medicine Blog Post: Doctors with Borders
“I know without a doubt that our world will survive this pandemic. Lessons will be learned, and we will wear the scars of the fight like medals.”— Dr. Uttara Koul

International medical graduates account for about one quarter of all physicians in graduate medical education in the United States. Within that cohort there are more than 12,500 foreign national physicians, sponsored by ECFMG on the J-1 visa, providing critical health care services and cultural diversity. ECFMG is designated by the U.S. Department of State as the sole BridgeUSA sponsor for J-1 exchange visitor physicians enrolled in accredited programs of graduate medical education or training. During the COVID-19 pandemic, J-1 physicians have played a vital role on health care teams that are stretched to the limit.

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