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IMGs Are Critical to Addressing U.S. Physician Shortages and to Forthcoming HELP Committee Health Workforce Legislation

Intealth responded to recently introduced legislation that would help U.S. patients in rural and other underserved communities by addressing nationwide health care workforce shortages, particularly in primary care. International medical graduates (IMGs) — both U.S. citizens and foreign nationals — currently make up approximately one quarter of the U.S. physician workforce and play an important role in filling our nation’s health workforce gaps. Intealth encourages federal policies and programs that maximize the contributions of IMGs and recommends policymakers focus on:

  • continuing to explore “dual intent” for J-1 visas,
  • increasing graduate medical education (GME) funding and positions, and
  • establishing programs to assist IMGs in navigating the U.S. medical training and state licensure processes.

Learn more in our letter to Chairman Bernie Sanders and Ranking Member Bill Cassidy, MD, of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP).


Categories: Advocacy & Wellness, IMGs in U.S.

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